About The LRC

Bronze Age Enclosure at Thwing on the Yorkshire Wolds

The Landscape Research Centre has been conducting archaeological research in the Vale of Pickering in North Yorkshire, England, for more than 30 years. The research has radically challenged our perception of the scale, distribution and density of activity from the Neolithic to Medieval periods but has been constrained by limitations particularly in the available technology and the lack of resources to ground truth the results of the research. The LRC was established in 1984 and formalised as an independent charitable trust dedicated to undertaking and disseminating archaeological research at a landscape scale. Since then it has established an international reputation in excavation methodologies, the application of computing to field archaeology, and remote sensing. The LRC has undertaken nearly 30Ha of large open area excavations examining activity from 5000BC to AD1000, airborne and multi-spectral survey campaigns covering more than 200sq km and more than 1250Ha of contiguous geophysical survey. The geophysical survey, the largest of its kind in the world, has revealed more than 30,000 archaeological features from multi-kilometre linear trackways and boundaries to individual graves in prehistoric burial monuments or early medieval cemeteries.

This Blog is designed to provide information and comments on active research projects in an easily accessible form which can be updated simply independently from the LRC web site.


Imaging past landscapes through research

The LRC has always been heavily engaged in developing approaches to archaeological fieldwork and recording. The LRC has been actively involved in developing digital recording strategies since the early 1980’s when we began to use hand-held computers in the field. Recent developments in 3D imaging through digital photogrammetry are set to totally transform the recording and dissemination of structures, objects and whole excavations and thus our experiments in this field are covered in a dedicated blog.


please visit this site to learn about 3D imaging research in progress.

Prof. Dominic Powlesland DUniv, FSA


The Landscape Research Centre

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