Boltby Scar Section through Bronze Age Round Barrow

Boltby Scar Section through Bronze Age Round Barrow


The Landscape Research Centre has been at the forefront of research into digital recording techniques for the field archaeologist since it adopted the use of handheld computers for recording in the field in the mid 1980s.

A series of small excavations on the severely damaged remains of a Late Bronze Age-Early Iron Age Hillfort at Boltby Scar on the North York Moors have been the setting for a series of 3D imaging experiments employing, with the assistance of Leica UK 3D laser scanners and 3D Imaging from photography. The link below gives an idea of the level of detail returned in a photographic 3D model of a section through a robbed Bronze Age barrow, note the turf deposits showing towards the two ends of the section where the mound had suffered least disturbance. The extraordinary levels of detail documented using this method has underpinned a significant re-interpretation of the evidence documented during the excavation which would not have been possible from the examination of the 2D static images alone.

Click here to see the Boltby Scar Barrow Section.

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