Boltby Scar Excavations 2012

Boltby Scar 3D model showing with the Z scale multiplied by 5 to emphasize the topography over the preserved Hillfort section in the lower part of the image.

Archaeological excavations at Boltby Scar, North York Moors National Park will take place between 30th April and 21st May 2012. The Landscape Research Centre and  a team drawn from the NYMNP volunteers and undergraduate archaeology students from the University of York will try to trace the full extent of the palisaded enclosure, identified  in 2011, learn more about a middle Neolithic structure and its relationship to the stone ring sealed beneath an early Bronze Age barrow and investigate a number of areas in the upstanding section of the late Bronze Age/early Iron Age hill-fort in the search for dating material and evidence of  domestic activity. This will be the final season of the current phase of excavation on this monument the examination of which is transforming our understanding not only of this badly damaged late Bronze Age/early Iron Age hill-fort but also of activity and the environment from the Neolithic to Medieval periods.

Click on the link below to download a pdf file outlining the primary research objectives for this season

Boltby Scar Research Objectives 2012

The dates and times of open days will be announced on this blog and on the Boltby Blog once they have been confirmed.

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